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We make any recruitment process easy

At CTM Recruitment we are proud to offer flexible staffing solutions to suit your needs. 

Casual Staffing

We offer casual recruitment to help with peak workloads, special projects and to cover employee absences. Our hourly rates are highly competitive and are all inclusive (inclusions are listed below). Our casual staff have been through a full recruitment process & are ready to go! 

Casual to Permanent Staffing

We find you an ideal recruit that commences on a casual placement so you can conduct a trial period before you make a commitment to add them to your permanent workforce.

Inclusive rates 

Our charge rate includes:

~ Insurances

~ Payroll tax

~ Superannuation

~ Long Service Leave

~ Instant drug screening

~ Personal Protective Equipment

~ Advertising costs

Permanent Staffing

Hiring for permanent roles can be a challenge. This is where we can use our expertise. We advertise the positions, sort through the applicants, conduct background checks, and hold interviews to find a shortlist of candidates ideal for the role and the work culture.

Job design

We help you design a position description that reflects exactly what needs to be done. Then you are on the right track to attracting the best knowledge, skills & ability for the role. 

Thorough Processes

We have effective screening processes to ensure top candidates. This includes:

~ Face to face introductions

~ Interviews

~ Reference checks

~ OHS induction

~ Valid tickets & licenses

~ Previous employer feedback

What Our Clients Say

Building a Bridge

Luke B, Site Supervisor (Major Civil Construction Client)

I can always count on Peter and the team at CTM Recruitment to help us out especially in the short timeline sticky situations. 


Real life savers! 🙏🏽


I appreciate the strong working relationship we have developed and look forward to many more years of synergy. 

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